MORE™ Infinity™ Lifetime Warranty Stone Sealer

$ 499.00

We recommend sealing natural stone countertops regularly to preserve their beauty. How often depends on the type of stone and the amount of use. Some customers want a more hassle-free solution for long-term stain protection.

The MORE™ Infinity™ Lifetime Warranty Program provides that extra level of protection for granite and marble. Having a stain protection warranty gives you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your countertop investment with a full countertop replacement, not a new bottle of sealer. 

If your countertop does get a stain, MORE™ will send out a technician to remove the stain.  If the stain is unable to be removed, MORE™ will pay for a new countertop; labor, and materials. 

The Warranty kit includes one 32oz bottle of MORE™ Infinity Lifetime Warranty Stone Sealer (with serial number) and a gift box of one bottle of MORE™ Stone & Quartz Cleaner + Protector w/Built-in Antimicrobial Protection, and our MORE™ Care Guide.  

Let your fabricator know that you have purchased the MORE™ Infinity Lifetime Warranty Stone Sealer.  If your fabricator is not already certified with us, you will need to let us know your fabricator's contact information and we'll take care of the certification process with them.  

The fabricator will register the warranty on our website after the Infinity Lifetime Warranty Stone Sealer has been applied. 

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