Infinity® Warranty Terms & Conditions

Our Promise

If it's determined that the stain is covered by the Warranty, we will send a technician to your home or facility to remove the stain using normal cleaning methods. Sometimes more than one visit is required to remove the stain and reseal the surface. You must make the Covered Product available to the technician for cleaning. If the technician is unable to remove the stain from the surface, we will replace the damaged area of the countertop to include all material and labor costs within reason and at our discretion.

We will not cover the costs of plumbing, electrical work, or repair or replacement of backsplash product (unless cut from the same material as the Covered Product). You can choose the same color replacement stone at the closest distributing stone center. If the color of your Covered Product is no longer available, you may choose from a supplied list of similarly priced stone. Since natural stone varies in color, we cannot guarantee that replacement stone will be an exact match to either the portion of your Covered Product that is being replaced or the remaining undamaged portions of your Covered Product, but best attempts will be made to match. In special circumstances, a determination may be made to replace additional pieces of stone to better match with adjacent pieces. In the event of a replacement, the replaced Covered Product will only be covered for the remaining period of the warranty period.

Warranty Period

  • Residential countertop (interior) – Limited Lifetime from date of installation.
  • Residential countertop (exterior, granite only) - 1 year from date of installation.
  • Commercial countertop (interior, granite only; exterior is excluded) - 10 years from date of installation.

Your warranty is transferable from the builder to the new owner of the Covered Product.