Design at a Higher Level and Recommend Marble Again

Worrying about marble etching is a thing of the past. With MORE® AntiEtch®, you can confidently design with marble again! Recommend marble surfaces with peace of mind - your clients can enjoy time with family and friends without worrying about life's daily spills.

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Check out the video to discover why AntiEtch® is a game-changer for designers, homeowners, hospitality businesses, and natural stone professionals. This innovative technology creates a durable and ultra-thin coating that eliminates etching and staining on marble, all without altering the stone's appearance.

Why Designers Love MORE® AntiEtch®


Spec Marble With Confidence

Marble is a beautiful and timeless natural material that you'd love to recommend to your clients with confidence. MORE® AntiEtch® provides the peace-of-mind you've been waiting for.


Environmentally Friendly

AntiEtch® is the most eco-friendly way to prevent marble etching. This non-hazardous, non-corrosive solution will not only protect your countertops from being tarnished but will also prevent the planet from being tarnished.


Extremely Durable

MORE® AntiEtch® can handle the most brutal of beat downs. With an expected wear of 10 years, you can rest easy knowing your countertops are protected.


Professional Installation

MORE® AntiEtch® is installed only by professionally trained Certified Applicators so that we can ensure a perfect finish every time.

How AntiEtch® is Changing the Industry

Marble countertops have fallen out of favor among interior designers in recent years due to etching issues. However, the introduction of MORE® AntiEtch® has rekindled their love for this classic material. With this breakthrough product, the world's leading designers are embracing marble once again. As demand for marble rebounds, designers can confidently specify and promote it, knowing that AntiEtch® ensures stain-free and spotless countertops.

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Features & Benefits of MORE® AntiEtch®

  • Professionally installed by a MORE® AntiEtch® applicator in your area.
  • Stops etching and staining.
  • Crystal clear finish.
  • Can be applied on marble, limestone, onyx, travertine, and concrete.
  • Can be applied to honed, polished, and leathered surfaces.
  • Low odor during application.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Safe on food-contact surfaces.
  • Zero porosity - germs and bacteria have nowhere to grow.
  • Will not crack or peel.
  • Easy to maintain and repair.
  • Durable - 10 years expected wear.

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