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Why Join Our Dealer Partner Program


Strong Profit Margins

At MORE® Surface Care, we understand that adding a new product to your business has to be worth your while. That’s why we’re happy to say that our existing dealer network is reporting strong returns on their low initial investments.


Sales + Marketing Support

So you’re offering a new product, but how do you market or sell it? Well, MORE® Surface Care wants to assist with that as well. We support our partners by providing sales support, in-person demos, marketing collateral, and more.


Technical Training + Expertise

Whether it’s by way of webinars, product training, industry foresight, and even sneak peaks at new product lines, MORE® Surface Care wants to ensure that our partners are prepared to showcase what our products can do.


Innovate with AntiEtch®

MORE® AntiEtch® has taken the surface care space is being taken by storm. With no other product quite like it, MORE® AntiEtch® offers the unique opportunity to truly protect marble countertops from etching.

Easy to Order. Easy to Sell MORE®.

When you partner with MORE®, we make everything easy. We provide a simple product mix with a low inventory commitment. We have attractive displays and marketing collateral to make our products really pop. And we are committed to helping our partners with all the training and support they need to drive meaningful revenue with our products.

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Benefits of the Dealer Partner Program

  • Strong Profit Margins
  • Low Initial Investment
  • Technical Training
  • Sales Support
  • In-Person Demos
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Marketing Webinars/Roundtables
  • Industry Trends + Insights
  • Warranty Program
  • Affiliate Program
  • Industry Innovating Opportunities
  • Sneak Peek at New Product Lines

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Innovate with AntiEtch®

Our Dealer Partners are helping customers nationwide solve a crucial problem - protecting stone from etching. AntiEtch® is our innovative solution that forms a durable, ultra-low visibility, super-thin, coating that prevents the toughest stains and caustic solutions from coming in contact with your marble countertop surface. We offer Dealers the opportunity to order AntiEtch® on demand to provide more value to their customers.

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