A new level of stone and tile care.

Homeowners and industry professionals put a lot of time and thought into their design decisions. They also spend a lot of money. So, we created products worthy of that investment. Now you can recommend products that clean, enhance and protect like never before.

Safer ingredients, so it’s safer for you.

Clean water or petroleum-based solvents? When it comes to cleaning and protecting the areas where you cook, entertain, play, bathe, and sleep, it’s really a no-brainer. MORE® products are water-based and have less impact on indoor air quality. Compared to solvent-based products, the MORE® lineup reduces VOC emissions by up to 90%.

  • "I use the MORE™ Stone & Quartz Cleaner + Protector and I absolutely love it!  It makes my black granite countertops very shiny.  I get compliments and comments about how beautiful my countertops are on a regular basis.  I would recommend this product to everyone!"

    Pam Kampfer, New Middletown, Ohio

Sealers, Enhancers & Cleaners

No fancy or confusing product names here. Instead, we made it simple to choose exactly what’s required for the task at hand. Whether you need to seal, enhance or clean, you can easily grab the right bottle and get to work.

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