Why Should You Choose Water-Based Stone Sealers?

Why Should You Choose Water-Based Stone Sealers?

Are you looking to seal your stone tile in your home?  Sealers are essential to protect your stone surfaces from stains, improving its quality, and also making sure it stays in good condition.  You may be struggling to decide between using either a water-based sealer or a solvent-based sealer. There are advantages to choosing both, depending on the type and location of the stone.  It is crucial to recognize why you should choose water-based stone sealers over solvent-based sealers. Here are a few reasons why water-based sealers will have more advantages for your home.

Quick Application

Water-based sealers tend to go on quicker and be much easier to apply than solvent-based sealers.  Less dense and more porous types of stone, like clay, brick, tile, marble, and limestone, will require a water-based sealant in order to cover its porous surface.  The larger water molecules will be able to fill the holes in these types of stone much better than solvent-based sealants will.

Easy Cleaning

When you use a sealant on your stone surfaces, it will be much easier to keep clean.  It is important to clean your stone surfaces using natural cleaning ingredients in order to keep the quality of your water-based sealant in good condition.  Water-based sealants are easy to wipe clean using simple water-soaked washcloths or paper towels. Many people love the convenience of cleaning water-based sealed stone surfaces. 

Water and Oil Protection

When a water-based sealant is applied, the water evaporates, and the polymer molecules are left behind to entangle and create a protective layer on the surface of your stone.  A water-based sealant is resistant to other water and oil products that could potentially damage your stone surface. By applying this sealant, you provide a layer of protection against damage caused by these solutions. 


This type of sealer is also more affordable than other types.  This makes it a popular choice for those looking to seal their stone surfaces while sticking to their budget.  Many people assume that water-based sealants are inferior to solvent-based sealants simply because of the price, but that is false.  Water-based sealants have become wildly popular options to protect many surfaces, including exterior brick, statues, stone walkways, and pavers at a much more reasonable cost


Water-based sealers are the eco-friendly choice, providing a natural and healthy application to seal countertops and other stone surfaces.  These sealants do not contain Volatile Organic Compounds like solvent-based sealants, which can release harmful chemicals into the air. This can cause harmful effects in places without proper ventilation.  For these reasons, water-based sealants are popular for schools, hospitals, and workplaces. 

These factors make water-based sealers the right choice for your stone surfaces.  By choosing a water-based sealant, you will be able to save money, apply sealant quickly, and also make cleaning easy throughout your surface's lifetime.  All of these advantages work together to make water-based sealants the best choice for your stone surface, whether it is inside or outside your home or business.

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