limestone countertop treated with MORE™ AntiEtch™

The Trick for Perfect Marble Countertops! - by Erin Loftin Serventi of E.L. Designs

If you want marble countertops, then let’s get you marble countertops. What’s that you say? It stains? You’ve heard it’s a pain to maintain? Well, I’m here to tell you that everyone else’s marble sob story doesn’t have to be yours too, because you can use MORE™ AntiEtch™. This product is a total game-changer! I would recommend you have it professionally applied at the time your countertops are installed, but let’s say you already have marble countertops and they’re not looking quite as pristine as they did when they first went in. That’s ok, because MORE™ AntiEtch™ can still bring your marble back to life.


Etching (which you may think of as staining) is a chemical reaction that happens in marble and other porous stone when acidic substances (like lemon, wine, tomatoes, etc.) dissolve the calcium and burnish the surface, leaving behind the chalky looking marks, which happens on both dark and white marble. This is where MORE™ AntiEtch™ saves the day!


If your countertop looks like the one above, then fear not – in about a day, it can be looking new again (like the second photo!). A licensed and certified AntiEtch™ professional will complete the multi-step process, which includes protecting surround surfaces (cabinets, floors, etc.), cleaning the countertop with an alkaline cleaner, refinishing the countertop, then applying MORE™ AntiEtch™ followed by curing it with a UV light, and finishing it all off by sanding to the desired finish, whether that’s honed, leathered or polished. The best part? You can begin using your countertops right away without ever having to worry about what’s on them again, and you’re covered by the MORE™ AntiEtch™ 10 year warranty! Is this a game-changer or what? Now, who wants marble countertops?  

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