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Should I Seal My Natural Stone Countertop?

Have you just recently installed natural stone countertops in your home?  Are you looking for ways to protect them from stains? Sealing your stone countertop is one great way to protect your stone from stains, enhance their look, and protect them from other damage.  Even though many people do not need to seal their granite countertops, it does provide an additional layer of protection for your surfaces. There are a few reasons why you should seal your natural stone, like granite and marble, countertops to prevent everyday wear and tear. 

Sealers Provide Protection 

Whenever you choose a sealant for your stone countertop, you want to choose an impregnating stone sealer.  This type of sealant will penetrate more deeply into the actual surface of the stone, which is much better than a surface sealant.  Sealing your countertops is critical against protecting it from dents, scratches, and other imperfections that are likely to occur on a high-touch surface.  High-quality sealants will provide your stone with protection for 10-15 years, which is ideal for countertops. Even though this type of sealant will be more expensive upfront than sealants that typically last only 3-5 years, it will have more extended durability over its lifespan, which will better protect your expensive stone countertops. 

Sealers Create Stain Resistance 

A quality sealer will help your stone become resistant to both water and oil damage.  When you have this type of sealant, it will also correctly protect against many kinds of everyday dirt and spills.  This will give you extra protection on your marble and granite countertop investment, which is typically an expensive choice. 

Sealers Make Cleaning Easy

Whenever you have sealed countertops, you will be able to clean the surfaces much easier.  Spills will come right off by only using a wet dishcloth or paper towel. Instead of purchasing expensive and toxic chemicals, you'll be able to use natural household ingredients to keep your countertops looking brand new.  Although cleaning is made easy, you should still use caution when treating your countertops. Use coasters under drinks, and clean any spills immediately to avoid any long-term damages that could potentially penetrate the stone.

Sealers Protect Stone from Bacteria

Because natural stone countertops are made of porous materials, they are susceptible to collected dirt, dust, bacteria, and other dangerous particles.  Over time, these particles can not only destroy your countertops but also pose health risks to your household. Using a sealant will close the pores in your stone, which will prevent the buildup of particles and dangerous bacteria.  This will make your home easier to clean and much healthier for those who touch those stone countertops. 

These are just four of the main advantages of sealing your natural stone countertop.  Quality sealants, such as water-based and solvent-based sealants, will protect your stone countertops while also extending their lifespan without needing repairs.  They also help to keep the appearance of your stone in optimal shape. Sealing your countertops is a great way to make sure your countertops look brand new throughout the years.

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