Are Concrete Counters Sanitary?

Almost everyone is worried about sanitary surfaces these days, especially as it relates to the spread of COVID-19. Do you have concrete countertops in your kitchen or bathroom already? If you do, then you know that most traditional cleaners will not work for these surfaces. Are you thinking about adding concrete countertops to your home, but don't think you will able to make sure they are clean? Fear not! With the proper cleaning and care, your concrete counters will be cleanable and sanitary!

Factors That Impact How Cleanable Your Counters Are

According to The Concrete Corporation, "Many factors are involved that affect how cleanable (and therefore sanitary) a countertop surface is, and these factors apply to all surfaces. The smoothness, lack of surface voids or pits, and the porosity all have a profound influence on how easy or difficult it is to clean a surface. Surfaces that are rough or that have pinholes can trap dirt, grease, or food residue, which are essentially food banks for bacteria."

Why You Should Seal Your Countertop

Granted concrete is a relatively rough surface, however, once you apply a sealant, it is almost watertight. Using a sealant like MORE Premium Plus Stone Sealer with Antimicrobial Protection will ensure that food and other particles do not cause staining. Staining is one of the cons of concrete countertops, so you will want to make sure that you wipe any spills up as soon as they happen, even with a suitable sealant! This antimicrobial sealant will also inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew on your stone surface. It is also easy enough for homeowners to apply and doesn't smell as strong as some other sealants. With proper care, the sealer should last up to 10 years!

Proper Cleaning Tips

It is essential that you only use a neutral pH cleaner on your concrete surfaces. Anything with ammonia, pine, citrus, or acidic base will damage your stone countertop. MORE Stone and Quartz Cleaner with Antimicrobial Protection works excellently with the sealer. This 3-in-1 cleanser is safe for everyday use (like cleaning up those spills!) Like the sealer; it will slow the spread of bacteria, mold, and mildew. It smells divine, like peppermint and thyme, and won't leave any streaks!

Are Concrete Countertops Worth It?

You may have read that a concrete countertop is a bad idea, but as you can see, it comes down to proper care and maintenance. With the right kind of sealer and the correct type of cleaner, you will have no problem keeping these surfaces sanitized. You do have to make some adjustments to habits like leaving things on the counter to avoid staining. If you notice any scratches or blemishes, you will want to address those quickly, so they do not become a porous surface for bacteria to hide. Only you can decide if the sophistication of a beautiful stone countertop is worth a little bit of relearning certain behaviors. Just rest easy, you can keep everyone safe and have a concrete counter. 

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