6 Reasons to Choose Concrete Flooring Over Traditional

Concrete floors have long been considered too industrial for use in interior design. The emergence of new products that offer high-end appearance with budget-friendly prices has done concrete no favors. 

Concrete flooring is fighting back in the popularity contest against traditional or traditional-appearing floors. While concrete never left the flooring scene, it is suddenly becoming en vogue to use as a primary flooring material in homes and businesses around the world.

Why is concrete making a resurgence amongst all these other options? Here are six reasons concrete bests traditional flooring. 

#1: Concrete is an affordable option.

Budgets are getting pinched as everyone endures an uncertain economic time. That does not mean that home renovations and building must wait.

Concrete offers simplicity when it comes to installation, reducing overall costs for builders and homeowners. Concrete flooring offers long-term cost efficiency, as well. Its durability and versatility allow you to enjoy nearly maintenance-free flooring for as long as you live in the home.

The overall cost savings, from installation to its long lifespan, make concrete floors preferable to traditional options like wood or luxury vinyl.

#2: Concrete is more versatile than you think.

Most people think of concrete as grey, bland floors with no design interest. They would be wrong!

Concrete offers a multitude of design options that have been around for quite some time, including stamping, staining, and polishing. 

Stamping adds texture and unique design to floors. Staining changes the traditional grey to any color under the sun. Polishing offers varying degrees of shine and serves as a protectant for concrete flooring.

Concrete offers more versatility than many traditional flooring options.

#3: Get the modern look right with concrete floors.

Nothing screams modern minimalism like beautifully poured concrete flooring. Concrete can be simple to harmonize with the minimal interior design movement. 

Concrete flooring offers the ability to merge aesthetics with function in a way that traditional floors simply cannot. There is nothing less appealing than having an overall modern design get cluttered by busy, textured flooring choices.

Concrete offers modern minimalist the best opportunity to stay true to their designs.

#4: Concrete floors are as durable as you might imagine.

Concrete is known for its strength – roads and sidewalks have been made from concrete for a long time. Why not add this strength to your home?

Avoid all the heartache of other traditional floors that are susceptible to damage like dents, tears, stains, and bubbling. Concrete eliminates the concern that your floors will suddenly be ruined by an accidental spill or an overflowing toilet. 

The durability of concrete also impacts the overall cost-effectiveness, as discussed in our first point. Long-term maintenance costs are virtually nothing, making concrete a better investment than traditional flooring.

#5: Concrete floors will outlive the other materials in your home.

The durability of concrete lends itself to a long lifespan. Concrete can outlast most other traditional flooring materials, with many concrete floors lasting over 20 years with zero changes to their condition.

The longevity of concrete frees you up to make more permanent design choices, as you will not need to be concerned over the need to replace tiles or entire floors in the near future. 

Longevity equals cost-savings, making concrete a great option for budget-conscious builders and designers.

#6: Concrete floors offer low-maintenance living.

If you are the type of person who actually lives in your home and prefers not to spend your time cleaning incessantly, concrete floors are a great option for you. 

Concrete resists stains, dust, and dirt buildup, making it simple to keep them clean. MORE Surface Care products can help keep your floors clean and beautiful with easy care.  

Floors take a beating regularly, making them susceptible to various problems. Concrete is affordable, durable, versatile, and low maintenance, making it a fantastic flooring material and arguably better than traditional floors.


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