MORE™ Stone & Quartz Cleaner - w/Antimicrobial Protection

$ 16.79

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Worldwide demand for plastic packaging (bottles and closures) has exploded due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, all companies, both large and small, are struggling to secure consistent supply of key packaging components, especially trigger sprayers. Accordingly, our permanent trigger sprayer model is temporarily out of stock. We have sourced an alternative trigger sprayer as an interim solution – it is white in color, has a slightly shorter neck finish, and a slightly shorter trigger pull, which allows it to clear the neck of the bottle when squeezed. We expect the entire packaging market to remain in turmoil through 2020 and anticipate global trigger sprayer inventory to remain oversold. For this reason, we recommend hanging on to your 16oz bottle/trigger and stocking up on our 1-gallon refill size – a great value!

MORE™ Stone & Quartz Cleaner has been reformulated and offers even better performance.  The product now has an antimicrobial feature that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew and also compliments the MORE™ Premium Plus Stone Sealer.  It can also be used on countertops that have not been sealed with MORE™ Premium Plus Stone Sealer. 

MORE™ Stone & Quartz Cleaner now truly is a 3-in-1 daily cleaner and protector formulated specifically for cleaning and protecting natural stone and quartz surfaces. Neutral pH formula is safe for everyday use and will not degrade the sealer. 

Safe to use on marble, quartzite, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, soapstone, basalt, and other natural stone and quartz too. 

  • Built-in Antimicrobial Protection
  • Safe for Natural Stone and Quartz
  • Gently Dissolves Dirt and Grime
  • Fresh Scent & Streak Free
  • Cleans & Protects
  • Gallon Refill is a great value - 8 bottles for the price of 4!


Product Specs to come soon.